Greens feed our souls, refresh our minds, and nourish our grateful bodies. ~Terri Guillemets

By now most people have heard of the green juice craze sweeping the world.  A healthy juice stuffed with various green fruits and vegetables, and packed with tons of health benefits sounds pretty good! But what really makes green juice so special?  The ingredients of course! Here are some powerful ingredients in Pure Nectar’s green juice that make it so tasty, healthy, and special.

Spinach:  There’s a reason that Popeye the Sailor eats a ton of spinach– It’s one of the best vegetables for you, especially for eye health and cancer prevention!  Spinach contains two critical plant compounds called zeaxanthin and lutein that helps prevent damage for the sun, and the formation of cataracts.  Spinach also contains two great cancer preventing compounds, MGDG and SQDG, that have been shown to prevent cervical and prostate cancer. There’s also lots of other benefits including helping with digestion and blood pressure regulation to name a few.  So let’s all be like Pop-Eye and grab some spinach!


Cucumber:  Made-up of 96% percent water, cucumbers can easily help you reach your hydration goals for the day. In fact all of these greens listed are a great way to get enough water!  Water is critical for our bodies to function on a cellular-level, not to mention that the average person gets 40% of their water-intake from fruits and vegetables, so having cucumbers is a great option!  But, cucumbers have a lot more benefits than just hydration. Full of vitamin K for bone-health, vitamin C for your immune system, potassium to help with blood pressure, and more, cucumbers contain a lot of helpful vitamins.   Also let’s not forget that the cucumber skin contains huge amounts of the benefits, and Pure Nectar’s green juice presses the whole vegetable, skin and all.


Calamansi: Very popular in Asia, Calamansi is a citrus that has tons of health benefits including sugar regulation, boosting your immunity, and helping to control your cholesterol levels.  Also containing calcium, vitamin A, and C hopefully this fruit becomes popular worldwide so everyone can get a taste of its benefits!


Celery: Although it’s not always mentioned in the pantheon of healthy vegetables, celery has definitely earned a spot.  Celery has a ton of antioxidants which helps protect your cells from damage and aging. It’s also great for dealing with inflammation whether it’s in your joints or muscles.  Also, being full of fiber, celery is great for your digestive health. Finally, like the other great ingredients on this list, celery has a ton of vitamins, like A, K, and C which are all critical for healthy living.


All of these vegetables are clearly great for you, but often times people struggle to incorporate them into their diets, and so green juices can be a great solution.  Green juice is a super tasty way to get a ton of these amazing ingredients in your diet without the hassle of having to prepare them all individually. So, in celebration of Green Juice Week and the powerful ingredients inside, Pure Nectar is offering 15% off on any of the various green juices offered!  And of course like all Pure Nectar Juices, all ingredients are selected fresh and at peak ripeness to maintain all of their wonderful natural benefits.  Get your healthy cold-pressed juices today and enjoy the fresh, wonderful taste.