Our innovations are in more than just making juice!  The backbone of our franchise is the SMART Technology Portal, a comprehensive system on the Sales Force platform that makes the Pure Nectar business run smoothly and efficiently.

The SMART Technology Portal provides real time data for production, sales and inventory to help make decisions quickly and intelligently—all to maximize efficiency and profitability.

SMART Technology Portal

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    Sales and Customer Management

    Maintains the sales and customer information allowing you to communicate with and market to customers

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    Production Management

    Just in time inventory management as well as production and delivery to ensure efficiency and profit maximization

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    Wholesale and retail customers place their orders and the data seamlessly flows through to the SMART Technology Portal

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    Financial Management

    Provides financial analysis for smart management action.

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    Online Learning Portal

    24/7 access to online learning modules, Operations Manuals and new processes to help your team keep up to date while run the business

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