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We divide the process of bringing the Pure Nectar Juice franchise to your city into two parts: (1) Getting the Pure Nectar Franchise and (2) Opening the Pure Nectar business consisting of opening the Juicery and the Juice Bar. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete the process of signing the franchise agreement and secure the franchise for your city.  It takes approximately, another 4 months to open the Juicery and Juice Bar and complete the required training to start your Pure Nectar business. Our structured, step-by-step approach will ensure that your questions get fully answered and we too become comfortable with your alignment to the Pure Nectar Juice Franchise and well as having the necessary qualifications to achieve success.

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    1. Complete the Confidential Profile

    By completing the Confidential Profile, we will know a little bit about you to begin the conversation about bringing the Pure Nectar Juice Franchise to your city. No commitment required at this stage of the process.

    Confidential Profile
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    2. In-depth Discussion with Pure Nectar Senior Management

    Once we receive your completed Confidential Profile we can share share more details on the business, answer your questions as well as share details on the financial model including the potential of your market. These discussions are valuable to all of us to make informed decisions.

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    3. Sign Key Term Sheet

    After our discussions, we will share the Initial terms and conditions necessary for your specific city, these are outlined in the “Key Termsheet” which is to be accepted by you.

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    4. Sign Letter of Intent

    Your commitment to join the Pure Nectar Juice Franchise and secure the market, is signified by signing the Letter of Intent (LOI) and paying the required deposit. We halt further discussions with other interested parties at that time.

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    5. Discovery Day

    Discovery Day is an opportunity to meet the Pure Nectar Team and tour the Juicery.

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    6. Sign Franchise Agreement

    You did it! Congratulations! Let’s get the Agreements signed and begin the journey of opening your Pure Nectar Juice Business.

To learn more about joining the Pure Nectar franchise, complete the Confidential Profile form.