What is the difference between Pure Nectar and the other shops that produce juices on the spot?

Most juice bars use conventional centrifugal juicing methods that can destroy many key enzymes and vitamins from the produce. Pure Nectar uses cold-press technology to ensure the extraction of all nutrients – including vital enzymes and minerals. Pure Nectar juices are comprised of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and organic cane sugar with no additives or preservatives to create just the right blend of delicious juices.  A higher concentration of nutrients is easily absorbed into your system and provides an instant health-hit to the bloodstream!

Can we import your products and sell them in our local market?

Our juices are made with no preservatives or additives, so they do not ship well.

What if certain fruits or vegetables are not available in my market?

We recognize that some regions may not have certain types of produce available.  Since we offer over 40 different products, you will still have plenty of varieties to offer your customers.

Can we change the juice recipes to suit local tastes?

Our products are carefully formulated to ensure that taste and nutritional benefits are maximized.  We consider local tastes and likes for our product offering.

Can you send us juice samples to try?

We’d love to have you try Pure Nectar juice!  However, we do not ship juice samples as our products are produced fresh with no preservatives and do not ship well.

What is the shelf-life of Pure Nectar juices?

Most cold-pressed juices that are raw and fresh have a shelf-life of 2-3 days when refrigerated.  Pure Nectar juices will stay fresh, without loss of nutritional value for up to 14 days when kept in our Super-Cooling Refrigerators.  It is a huge advantage for our distribution points.

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